If man runs with men, its called a RACE, but when he runs with God, it is called GRACE. Grace keeps us from Disgrace. May God’s GRACE be sufficient for us all at this our Turning point to better life in Jesus name!

It is with great joy and gladness of heart that I welcome you to this site of this glorious mission. The LORD has indeed being very gracious to us, showing us great mercies, miracles, deliverances, victories, provision in all our branches. I also bless the name of the LORD for keeping all of us alive in His mercy, since the last time we were gathered here.

This web site is at the Invitation of Our Heavenly Father to behold God whose power never fails, and his Greatness. He is asking us to come and get the blueprint for a better life and be filled with His presence. Thereby learn the way of holiness, increased faith, fulfilled vision, and ever increasing greatness unto glorious expectations.


I thank God for our Men and Women of Power, for your spiritual and physical contributions towards the progress of this great commission. May the Lord prosper you  and keep you in faith till Jesus shall come. I appreciate all of you.

Our youths are progressing spiritually and physically. I thank God for our vibrant youth and teenagers. We have professionals among them and Representing God and Church very well outside and Inside. May the Lord keep you in faith and progress in Jesus name.

With deep gratitude and Joy; I thank our Ministers; Deacons; Deaconesses; Evangelists; Pastors; Rev. Drs, and Senior Superintendent, for your faithfulness to this commission. Loyalty to me and the Leadership, your love for my family. May the Lord reward you and your family in Jesus name.

Our theme this year is “Dream it, Decree it and Do it. Pro24:27.. Have a great Dream, Decree it with the Promises of God for Prosperity and be strengthened to do it!

And you shall be full of the Blessing of the Lord, Possess the North, South, West and the East! You shall walk in favour and possess your possessions in Jesus name.

I’ll be joined by good Teachers and Prophets to teach you How to Dream, Decree and Do it. This convention is fully focused on helping you to take complete control and start generating immediate results in all aspects of life, both personally AND Spiritually.

As you attend each session and listen to all the teachings and prayers, you shall learn how to  change the way you do business, double your income and get new clarity and perspective. I encourage you to personally and passionately seek Him by availing yourself of the morning and evening sessions. Prayerfully commit yourself and your future to deep intimacy with Jesus Christ. Drink in deeply of His presence and do not allow yourself to be distracted. Jesus is the linked to answered prayers. He said whatever we ask in His name, He will give it to us (john 14:13). Therefore, spend quality time in prayers during this convention, the only genuine way to salvation is through Jesus (John 14:6; Act 4:12). He will show you the way out of trouble; open the door of breakthrough to you; and lead you into eternal bliss!

In Conclusion

I have to ask you…

Are YOU ready for a turning point to better life? If yes I thank God for allowing you to be here!

I shall see you at the Top!


Bishop Bola Odeleke