The Christ Message Ministry was born in 1982 upon a divine directive given to its founder Lady Evangelist (Mrs) Margaret Bolanle Odeleke.

In 1974, Mrs Margaret Bolanle Odeleke received a call to go into full time evangelical Ministry. She thereupon started her missionary activities using the name “Lady Evangelist Odeleke and her Crusade Team”.

In the 8th year of her service in the Lord’s Vineyard in 1982, she had a vision in which the Lord directed her to establish a Ministry to be named Christ Message Ministry under which outfit she was to continue with her missionary programmes.

The lord revealed to lady Evangelist (Mrs) Bolanle Odeleke that the purpose of creating this Ministry is that He may, through its activities be able to reach the lives of men and women who are afflicted and saddened by sins and other problems so that such lives may be remoulded and reshapened to manifest the plans and programmes of God; so that the people so afflicted may be restored to the fullness of Christ as scheduled originally for human beings. The Lord further revealed that part of His plan for the Ministry is that He should raise a formidable team of committed Christians who will be of service to the Lord for the purpose of End Time Harvest.

In order to ascertain and convince herself that this message was of the Lord, she prayed and requested of Him that this vision should be revealed to her a second time before daybreak and that the same should be confirmed by three other persons before twelve noon the next day. Before day break, Lady Evangelist Odeleke saw the vision again, and this time she physically heard a voice confirming the name of the Ministry.

The next morning, the vision was confirmed by three independent witnesses. The first confirmation came from her husband, now late Brigadier (Pastor) Lasun James Odeleke, who without prompting informed her that he had received a revelation that she should establish a Ministry which should have a major objective of preaching the word of God and the suffering and Glory of Jesus Christ. He stated further that the name to be given to the Ministry is “Ile Ise Oro Kristi” which translates as “Ministry for Christ’s Word or Gospel”.

Lady Evangelist Dupe Ogedengbe was the second person to confirm the vision. She informed Lady Evangelist Odeleke before 10 o’ clock that it has been revealed to her that the latter should find a “big establishment” for the purpose of carrying on her evangelical duties. According to Lady Evangelist Dupe Ogedengbe, this “big establishment” should have “Oro Kristi” that is the word of Christ as its major objective.

Shortly before 12 noon on the same day, Pastor Abidoye (now of Christ Gospel Apostolic Church, Ile Ife Road, Ibadan arrived at the residence of Odelekes at Ikeja Military Cantonment fro Ibadan. Visibly excited, he informed Lady Evangelist Odeleke that he has received a divine directive that he should meet her before 12 noon that day and inform her that she should proceed without fear or arguments and carry out the instructions which God has given her. Though the Lord’s instruction to lady Evangelist Odeleke were not revealed to him, Pastor Abidoye’s message was the third confirmation which Lady Evangelist Odeleke received from the Lord about the establishment of the Ministry.

After a lot of prayers, fasting and seeking the face of the Lord, the Christ Message Ministry was eventually launched at the Christ Apostolic Church, Yaba, on the 13th day of March 1982, under the chairmanship of Pastor A.O. Ade Olutimehin, the then General Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church.